Help Your Student Succeed In School

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It is August first. Stay at home parents (usually moms) are starting to pull their hair out about now. The first few weeks of summer vacation was all about fun and not having to be in school. July is usually when people take trips or travel. (At least according to MY social media).

So now they are back home and the kids are starting to get bored. If my social media is to be believed, the parents are getting tired of entertaining the kids and the kids are starting to be “whiny”. This is the time parents and kids start thinking about back to school time. (Well parents at least).

The other day I was at BJ’s and saw all the school supplies out. Today I saw mothers and children purchasing binders and school supplies in Office Max. Back to school time is upon us and although I am past elementary and high school with my children I remember those times vividly.

My youngest after he graduated from High School two months ago

My kids always had summer assignments and yet I worried about whether they had retained anything from the previous year. They seemed to do okay, but as they made their way through school some of the things that concerned me were things such as tests (especially Advanced Placement, PSAT, SAT), scholarships, difficult math, reading, and some of the subjects they found more challenging.

Tutoring, test prep, and getting ready for back to school can be stressful for both parents and students. Groza Learning Center can help with all of these things for students and ease the minds of their families. They even have a home school at their facility. They have thought of it all!! They can definitely help your student succeed in School.

In September my youngest will be headed to a local Community College with his sights set on transferring to William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia after receiving his Associate’s Degree! He has decided he wants to go into Forensic Psychology (at least that is this months aspirations). Of course that may change but the years at a junior college will help him prepare for a larger college and more difficult educational demands.

He will need to have great study habits and organizational skills. I am pleased that he has learned these things along his educational career, and will be able to apply them to his next level of education.

Not only does Groza Learning Center help your students become more prepared for their educational goals, they also offer a $1000.00 scholarship for high school seniors who will graduate in 2018 and are accepted to a college or university, as well as students currently enrolled in a college or university.  Their website states “The Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship was created to help students interested in higher education reach their goal of attending college or university.”

How wonderful! I can tell you that my college student will be applying for this scholarship. Thank you Groza Learning Center for caring about students from preschool to college!