Let’s Dump the Poop Tank????

I like to camp.  I like going camping.  In the mountains, in the woods, at the beach, wherever.  I just like camping.  In my younger days I camped in a tent.  One of those dome type tents that has a zipper door and a zipper window on the other side.

dometentI even went camping in a tent when I was pregnant (8 months pregnant mind you) with oldest son Zachary.  That was definitely NOT a comfortable camping trip.  My ex husband and I went camping every month back  then. (1996)  We went with a camping group on a monthly camping trip.  They of course had campers.  We had a tent.  We lived in San Diego and camped in the mountains of Julian, or on the beaches of La Jolla. They were fun times, but they also taught us that we might prefer camping more if we weren’t laying on the ground, so we bought a pop-up camper.


That was great for awhile.  In fact we moved from San Diego to Pensacola Florida when Zachary was 6 weeks old, and traveled across the country living in the pop-up.   We probably should have rethought that, since we had two dogs and an infant, but we were young, and you know how that goes…..

Anyway, so I have always enjoyed camping, but after my ex and I got divorced I didn’t camp much.  I was busy being a single mom, and didn’t even own a tent, so that made camping challenging. So I would get my “camping” fix by going to parents night at Zachary’s Boy Scout summer camp week and hanging around the campfire with them. And after all those years of scouting in April we got:

My new Eagle scout!
My new Eagle scout!

So I was just being a single mom, doing my thing and then Karol came into my life.  She loves camping too, so it was a match made in heaven.  The difference was she was much more equipped than I was in the camping area.  She had a HUGE dome tent, AND a little pup tent AND this amazing Cabela camping kitchen.  We went camping a few times, and had a ball.  Fishing, burning marshmallows, sitting in the smoky campfire, getting tons of bug bites (well that part wasn’t so much fun), and just sitting in camping chairs drinking coffee from the percolator coffee pot on the Coleman stove….good times.

But then we decided to get crazy and we bought a camper.

We really do love camping in our camper!!  Of course in the two years since we bought our camper  things have changed some.  We bought a camper with bunk beds in the back since we had 4 kids at home at the time and the 3 boys always went camping with us.  Then Katarina moved, and it was just the 3 boys. Then Brandon graduated high school and started working full time, and had other interests (which no longer included camping with the fam), and then we only had 2 boys.

Our camper
Our camper

Now Zachary is older, and works most weekends, so he doesn’t always camp with us either, so it is usually just Karol and I and The Genius camping.  Because he is the only kid, he has the back all to himself, like his own private little room. Also we usually let him bring a friend so he won’t be so bored by himself…..I know, can you believe that Karol and I aren’t interesting enough for him???? Hmpphhhhh…………..

I am super excited whenever we go camping , and even more excited that Zachary is old enough to take care of the house while we are gone!!

It is funny to me that just two years ago, Karol and I knew nothing about camping with a camper , and in the two years we have owned it we have gotten to the point where  we have setting up and taking down the camper to a science, and we can set up and tear down in about 30 minutes.  That is 30 minutes from pulling in to being fully ready to camp. And 30 minutes from “ok, let’s get ready to go”, to having the camper hitched and ready to pull out!

But as we are tearing down, I do the inside and Karol STILL gets to be the one who dumps the poop tank!

So I say let’s go camping and Let’s Dump the Poop Tank !!!