My son’s recent purchase of comfy shoes at Reef!

I am a woman who is a mother to three sons.  My sons are aged 20, 18, and 16.  Of my three sons I have one son who loves shoes.  In fact he owns about 10 to 15 pairs of shoes, and his favorite types of shoes are canvas sneaker shoes. He also loves flip-flops, but the canvas sneakers are his favorite. He has purchased many different types, but he only buys and wears shoes that are “comfortable and cool looking”, although to be honest I think comfortable is more important to him than looks. If he has a pair of shoes that looks amazing, but hurt his feet he won’t wear them. One of his friends told him about Reef shoes, and he has become a huge fan of their shoes. He likes them so much he spends his barista pay on them pretty frequently. Did I mention he has between 10 and 15 pairs of shoes?

In fact he bought this pair of Deck Hand 2 shoes to wear at said barista job:

deck hand2 reef

And he bought this pair of Reef Chipper sandals for when he heads to the beach:

reef chipper sandals


Not only are these shoes comfortable, they are affordable.

But what he (and me too to be honest) really likes about Reef is the fact that they have so much more than just shoes to choose from on their website. For guys they have board shorts, shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and jackets, shoes, sandals, socks, beanies, and accessories. For girls they have boots, sandals, and shoes. They even have shoes and sandals that are for little feet and many of them are designed with a strap on the back to keep them from slipping off of little guys and little girls feet.

My oldest son has always been a “skater” dude and Reef is a great place to buy him the clothing and shoes he loves. However, their clothing line for guys is not just designed for skaters, but men can also choose from casual lounge shorts to shorts and pants that would be perfect for hanging out, going on a date or business casual. That is why Reef works so well for my family. With three boys living here with three different styles this is a place where I can shop for all three of them at one store. I am sure many moms have experienced taking their kids shopping and having to go to many different stores to get just one or two outfits. Reef is definitely a place we can do “one stop shopping”.

Another great feature is the locator for where you can purchase Reef clothing locally to your area. I know for my kids, trying things on, and seeing them in person is very important. While Reef doesn’t have a store near me, I can still purchase their clothing at 4 separate retailers within 15 miles of my house. That makes it very convenient, and even if we still choose to shop online, we will at least have had an opportunity for the boys to see, and try on some of the clothes they like. Most states have stores where you can purchase Reef items locally, but if not, they do provide FREE shipping on orders over $75.00 and FREE on ALL returns.

So if you are in the market for cool, affordable sandals, shoes and clothes for your guy or gal, or even for yourself, check out Reef, and I am quite sure you will find something you love!