Why Balancing Your Skin Is Important

We frequently talk about balance in our lives. We balance our diets, balance the checkbook and try to balance our time. With all this talk about balance there is one more thing we need to balance and it is CRUCIAL. We need to balance our skin! So lets talk about Why Balancing Your Skin Is Important

If our skin is not balanced, it can trick us into thinking it is one thing when it is not. Although we can discuss balancing the pH of our skin, but that is not the type of balance I want to talk about today. Today I want to talk about Basic balance, which I believe to be our water-oil balance.

Healthy skin has a perfect oil and water balance, which allows skin cells to do their job naturally and effectively.

If someone asks, you which skin type you have, what would your answer be? For most people it would probably be “I’m not really sure, it might be oily or dry”. Water-Oil balance is the basis of skin type, and once your Esthetician has determined what your true skin type is, he or she can create a skin care regimen that will work FOR you and not AGAINST you.

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All skin requires moisture from both water and oil in order to function properly and do everything from looking and feeling great to keeping us looking younger longer. Depleted or imbalanced hydration – lacking either oil or water – is the first thing that causes our skin to become dull looking as well as increasing aging and fine lines.

So when our skin doesn’t get enough moisture either due to environmental factors, intrinsic factors or simply the wrong skin care regimen our skin becomes weak and sensitive. If we don’t have proper moisture in our skin, the skin creates more oil to combat the dryness and dehydration. When our skin is out of balance it cannot defend itself from these factors and therefore can’t heal and protect itself from damage. This can lead to common skin concerns such as rough texture, redness, dry patches, flaky skin, and even acne. When these things happen, we panic and may resort to stripping cleansers, over-exfoliation, neglect, the wrong products, or a myriad of other things we think are helping, but in fact are causing more problems. With all that said, here is what you need need to know about water vs. oil in your skin.

There is an important relationship between water and skin. When your skin doesn’t have enough water it is dehydrated. Since our bodies are composed 70% of water it only makes sense that we need it for our skin also. After all, skin is the largest organ of our body. Our skin cannot produce moisture on its own and relies on moisture from the water we drink and moisturizers we apply. Environmental factors can also increase the dehydration of our skin. Things like heaters in the winter, smoking, travel, and dry air can also dehydrate our skin.

When our skin is dehydrated it does the best it can to compensate……it creates oil. So our skin is now dry AND oily. So we feel oily and do what we think is right which usually strips the oil and makes our skin even more dehydrated.

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Now some people do just naturally have dry skin. Dry skin makes the least amount of its own oil. Normal skin produces a normal amount of oil and oily skin produces the most amount of oil. Age, smoking and weather conditions can cause our skin to produce less oil, and using harsh cleansers can also remove our skins natural oil. So when our skin lacks oil, that is when it gets sensitive, red, blotchy and have acne. So your skin creates more oil to combat the dryness and the dry/oily/dehydrated cycle just keep repeating!

So how can you stay balanced?

With a Skin care regimen that is correct for your individual skin!!!

Finding products with the correct ingredients for your skin type, you may need to make changes during different seasons, and use the right amount of products. Too little can keep you dry and too many can be an overload.

Here at Glam and Go, LLC we offer a Consultation and Analysis so our Licensed Estheticians can examine your skin closely and create a regimen that will be right for your skin. At a price of $35.00 if you come to us and $55.00 if we come to you, this is one expenditure you will thank yourself for making! During the C&A we cleanse your skin, do a detailed and thorough analysis using a magnifying lamp and Woods lamp, cleanse again, apply a corrective mask to get your skin on its way to recovery and moisturize with a product suited for your correct skin type. Make your appointment today!!

Pumpkin on my face??

Yes! Pumpkin for you face! Pumpkin is amazing for your skin!

This time of year, is all about Pumpkins. Summer is filled with peaches, plums, nectarines, etc. They are summer fruits, but fall is filled with other fruits, namely Pumpkin. (I searched Google, and that is how I know Pumpkin is a fruit).

Now, I am not personally a huge fan of pumpkin in my drinks, but I am all about putting it on my skin! And my clients’ skin!

Why you may ask? Well, let me share with you why this big orange fruit is not just meant to decorate your porch as a Jack-O-Lantern:

First, it just smells yummy! I mean, pumpkin pie smell on your face? Yes please! In fact, many of the seasonal and festive ingredients we love to eat and smell are often great for the skin too. Pumpkin is actually chock full of things that are corrective, soothing, and anti-aging. So, aside from smelling amazing and putting us in a cozy autumn mood, what are the benefits of using pumpkin on the skin?

Pumpkin is filled with quite a long list of active properties that are well known for producing beautiful, soft, supple skin. For starters, it has Natural Fruit Enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which work to exfoliate dead surface cells leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. These enzymes and AHAs reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin texture and allows other topical nutrients to be better absorbed. They provide a healthy glow to the skin. So now you will say Yes, I want Pumpkin on my face!

Pumpkin is also rich in Vitamins A and C. These powerful antioxidants soften and smooth skin while also boosting collagen production and working to reduce the visible signs of aging. Vitamin A specifically helps to decrease wrinkles, remove brown spots and help reverse sun damage. Vitamin C helps boost your body’s immunity to fight off colds, the flu and infections, as well as helps fight sun damage and free radicals on the skin, preventing aging, wrinkles and brown spots. In fact many aging factors can be dramatically improved with antioxidants (both topically and internally). So putting antioxidant rich foods into your diet is beneficial in many ways for your body!

Zinc is another beneficial active found in pumpkin. Zinc regulates oil production in the skin and can help decrease active breakouts as well as healing blemishes in the skin. Many skin care experts often refer to Zinc as “nature’s best healing agent,” for its acne-preventing and skin-healing abilities.

Pumpkin seeds, are high in Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. These properties provide moisture to the skin as well as providing a barrier to restore hydration to dry and compromised skin.

Are you ready to take advantage of the many beauty benefits of fall’s favorite fruit? If you are ready Book your Pumpkin Spice facial now! 10% discount on this antioxidant filled and super yummy smelling facial during the month of October!

How to Become a LipSense Distributor


One of the questions I am asked pretty regularly is why did I become a LipSense Distributor and how they can become one also! So I decided to write this post to tell you all why I chose to do this and how you can also if you want. I think it is time to write my story. I haven’t done it until now because I was concerned about being perceived as “that” crazy Direct Sales lady, but to be totally honest I feel this company is different than others I have been involved in, and that means NO crazy, creepy reaching out in a way that is not authentic or genuine!

You might be a person who has a friend who has really done well with LipSense and you have been curious or even thought about doing it your self once or twice (or more). You might be a person who has fallen in LOVE with the products and want a side hustle.  You might even be a person who is tired of working on someone else’s schedule for their benefit and want to start your own thing and replace that income doing something you love!  Whichever person you are, something inside you drove you to do a search because you have some questions or want more information. I see you and I can help!My story is that I was with another company for two years, although I loved the company and the people I was with the company switched focus from beauty to eight loss and that wasn’t my focus. I have always been a makeup, skincare, and beauty-loving lady! The company I was with no longer felt like a good fit for me, and I had a friend who was doing great with LipSense. I reached out and tried the lipstick. I fell in LOVE with it!!I loved the product and realized the business was something I could easily work into my daily life and what I was already doing with my blog and mobile spa business, and truly I just felt like it was a great fit for me!  I really didn’t have huge expectations  but I believed in the product, the ingredients were awesome, and I could help my family with income from another little side hustle. Also I didn’t have much to lose since the sign up fee was $55 to sign up.  Small investment to get started! So I joined and got started!

My first LipSense selfie wearing Fire N Ice

Most people are worried about becoming that annoying friend on Facebook….you know that friend??  We all have a friend like that. Or someone who sends us a friend request and immediately sends us a message asking us to join their —— team. We all have them!!  People who are working their business super hard, but doing it all wrong. In my opinion it is because they are being taught to work their business that way. Their leaders aren’t teaching them to be authentic and NOT annoying and NOT pushy.I have brought LipSense into my life in a natural and genuine way and I will teach you how to do the same. I already have an awesome training in place to  teach you how to do this without being pushy or sales-y. Sometimes at first it seems a little overwhelming, but I have had so much fun in this business. I am not new to Network Marketing. I have had two other MLM businesses. I cried with those businesses and felt stressed out and spent way too much money for little return. LipSense has been COMPLETELY different for me!  This business has been SO much fun!And on top of that my upline is awesome, our team is awesome, and I have made some amazing new friends that I couldn’t imagine my life without! You can too!So that is my story and why I am doing what I am doing, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

How much does it cost to be a LipSense Distributor?It’s $55 dollars to sign up as a distributor.  It’s like getting a Costco membership, and you will need to renew every year for $55.00.
What discount do I get if I sign up?That actually depends on how much you buy. ANY order receives at least a 20% discount, and if you spend more your discount is more, up to 50% off the retail price.  I like to place larger orders at the beginning of each month so I get the 50% discount, so for every product I sell, I receive a 50% profit.  If you don’t have the cash to do that you can take pre-orders  (goal is 6-7) so when you place an order, you have already sold the product you are buying (plus a few more with the extra money) and you don’t have to use your own money! Doing it this way you should also get a 40% discount on your order.If you don;t want to sell LipSense but just want a personal discount, your orders will be smaller but you will still get that 20% discount.  Distributors are only allowed to give a 15% discount on product so you will still be getting a better deal than from any sale you’ll find online!

To become a distributor do I have to sell?No, you do not need to sell any product if you do not wish to. There are no monthly sales requirements. You can simply sign up to receive a personal discount anywhere from 20-50% off (depending on the volume you order). To remain an active distributor you must place a $200.00 order with a 6 month period. Company policy only allows a distributor to give up to a 15% discount, so if you sign up you will be getting a better discount than you would get purchasing from a distributor. If you love the product, become a distributor and buy it at wholesale from yourself!

How Can I Earn Money As a Distributor?
There are two ways you can earn money: Sale and/or commissions
 Earning through sales – You are able to buy the product at up to 50% discount and sell it for retail price so if you buy 1 tube of LipSense for $12.50 and sell it at $25 that’s $12.50 profit going directly back to you! Selling can be done through social media (via Facebook groups, Instagram, etc.), trade shows, in-home parties, etc. When you sell this way you don’t have to feel icky by hassling your friends or cold calling.
 Earning commissions by building a team – This is where the real money will start to come rolling in!!! As a distributor, you get 10% commission off anything your first line sells. Also, you have the opportunity to make even more commissions on sales all the way down to your fifth line on your team. SeneGence has one of the most amazing compensation plans out there.

I have some girls who just sell to friends and family in a casual way and they generally make a couple of hundred dollars a month. Then there are girls who create a group on social media, and sell to them, work on finding other ladies who love the product and want to sell or buy at discount. The money they make is substantially more per month. My best friend has her car paid for by SeneGence and makes a few thousand a month. There are of course also girls who have huge teams and they are making over 10K PER MONTH!!!

Why should I become a LipSense distributor?Honestly for me it just made sense financially. I LOVE the product and most women I know do as well. Some don’t, that is the truth. But my motto is “Everything is not for Everyone.” I for example don’t like mushrooms.  But millions of people do, so the people who make their living selling mushrooms have MILLIONS of people who want to purchase their product. Make sense?But truly, if you love the product, becoming a distributor just makes sense.

Some perks:

  1. Earn 20-50% off all orders

2. It’s only $55 to sign up.  I don’t know of a better way to invest $55.00. Seriously, I have a family of 4 and even dinner at Olive Garden will cost more than that with tip.  There is really nothing to lost. At worst you can get a great discount on products for yourself: Lipstick, eye shadow, amazing skincare and anti-aging products, and at the best you can create a large team and make quite a bit of money! Bottom line is you should believe in yourself and invest in your dreams because you never know the limits of how high you can reach if you just reach for them.

         3. The income potential is CRAZY!  This company has been around since 1999, but because of social media it is just taking off and as of October 2017, there were not even that many distributors.

4. SeneGence makes it so fun!  You can earn free trips , a new car, products, and a team of successful businesswomen ready to train and help you get your business started.
              5. Because you can make money without having a huge team, you don’t have to be that crazy MLM lady messaging people you may have just met to “join my team”.  And you don;t have to fee creepy selling it to your friends because they will come to you. (Happens to me all the time). In fact I even sold a lipstick to a lady while waiting in line to eat at a restaurant in Norfolk.
Have I answered your questions?  If not, please let me know so I can give you the information you need or want. And if you are ready to dive right in, here are the steps to sign up to become a LipSense Distributor:
2. Verify that it says that Carol Rood is your sponsor
3. Enter your contact information
4. When it asks for a fictitious business name, put in your first and last name (this is who your checks will be made out to)
5. Click that you want the new distributor package and you are done!Once you’ve signed up I’ll get an email from SeneGence that you have joined my team (woohoo!) and I will add you to our group where you can sign up for  emails that welcome you to our team and gives you more information on how to get started.  You will continue to get emails over the next few weeks with more ways to grow your business and succeed!
Leave me a comment or send me an email (crood1965@gmail.com) if you have any other questions.  Can’t wait to meet you!
My Halloween look!