The wisdom of my kids?????

I live in a household with three male adolescents.  Three teenaged boys.

I can’t speak to anyone else’s experience with adolescent male children, all I can tell you is that my male adolescent children like to:

Talk. About.  Their.  Junk.

And by junk I mean they like to talk about their penis’, testicles, scrotums, etc.  They joke about the size of their junk, the usage of their junk, and the importance of their junk.  This is an almost daily occurrence.  Sigh…….

I suppose in one way of looking at it, that is a good thing.  It means Karol and I have a household where the boys feel free to express themselves and are comfortable talking about sexuality and condoms, and their bodies.  It means we have open communication and we are raising boys who are able to talk to us about anything.

On the other hand, it can lead to conversations like this:

Me: (at the dinner table speaking to the oldest boy)  “Dude, whenever you stand up your pants are sagging.  Pull your pants up”
Oldest Boy: “I pulled them up before I sat down.  You know, what goes up must come down.”
Middle Boy: (from the other room):  “Just like a boner.”

Youngest Boy starts laughing hysterically.

Annnddd there you have it folks.
Welcome to my world.