When did my child grow up??!!

I was blessed with two amazing boys!  I am the mom who loves her children fiercely, but will also kick their butts if they need it.  I have a different relationship with each of my kids.

My oldest (Joe Cool) is a bit of a cold fish.  He doesn’t outwardly show signs of any type of emotion and is usually a “whatever” kind of guy.  I usually know when something is wrong and can almost always pry it out of him.  He is moody, and seems to lack compassion.  This is of course the persona he displays to the world, however, inside he is full of emotion.  Why he doesn’t show it more, I don’t know.  He keeps everything close to the vest.  He has inherited this trait from his father, who is the same way.  He likes to play PS3, and guitar.  He is an average student (although if he wasn’t so lazy about school work he would have A’s and B’s all the time), and doesn’t like sports much.  He is not one to show me he loves me, although he will give me a hug before he goes to bed at night.

He is cool as a cucumber, and I never really know if he truly cares about others, but every now and then he will throw me a bone.  Be compassionate.  Care about others.  Even if he doesn’t want anything. On Friday I had a cold, and he called me from work.  I was stuffy and not feeling well. He says, “Mom, you sound congested, are you okay?” I was shocked!  He asked me if I was okay!! Those are the times my heart melts and I fall in love with him all over again.  Or when he comes and sits next to me, and just sits.  Cause he wants to be near his mama.  Rare, but special.  I have learned not to make a fuss in those moments, but simply, quietly revel in the fact that I have apparently done something right along the way, and this kid loves me back!

I need to keep these memories and moments close at hand because they will not be as common soon.  Because somehow, when I wasn’t looking, my son grew up.  He is now 17, and will be a Senior in high school in the fall!!  How in the world did that happen?? This will probably be my last summer with him because next summer will be about getting ready for college, and hanging out with friends who will be going off to school.  Mom will be put on the “backest” burner there is.

When did this little boy get so big?


Joe Cool age 2
Joe Cool age 2

Before I knew it he was in grade school, and then middle school, and then high school.  Showing lots of school spirit!


He has always had a goofy side, and this kid sure can make me laugh!

Scan 3

I can’t believe he is driving, and working, and going to graduate in a year.  The plan in community college for a couple of years and then transfer to a 4 year institution to finish his Physics (yes that is what he wants to be: a Physicist) degree.  I am hoping that he goes to Old Dominion University and stays at home, but only time will tell.

In just a few short years he will be graduating college, and heading out on his own.  I know that to the way things are supposed to be, and I am looking forward to watching him grow and see what his future holds, but for now, I am going to hold on to my boy and savor every moment I have with him, even if he looks like this when I am talking to him.  Because I know I have built enough of a foundation that he hears me.  Even if he doesn’t want to.

Joe Cool summer 2013
Joe Cool summer 2013