Why I love the Amazon Alexa

We had an awesome summer vacation! We were able to stay at a beautiful lake house in Dallas Texas that I won in an auction. Yep, I won a week at a lake house in an auction. So we packed up the brood, got onto an airplane and made the trip from Virginia to Dallas for our awesome vacation. We arrived in Dallas, rented a car and made the 90 minute drive. We were tired, and hungry and somewhat dazed, but were absolutely blown away when we arrived and this was our home away from home for the week.

We had a great time playing in the lake! We rode jet skis, swam, kayaked, and really just had a great time! The outside of the house was amazing, but the inside was beautiful as well, and one of the things we enjoyed the most in the house was the Amazon Alexa.

I had never used one before and I was amazed at how easy it was to use. Not only could we listen to music, but we could tell Alexa what genre of music we wanted to listen to and she would start playing it. We could even program our phones using Bluetooth and play music we had downloaded to our phones. My son was also able to use his spotify account through Alexa using Bluetooth. We thought that was great, because we really wanted to listen to the new Kesha album! I am always amazed at the way programmers are able to embed codes within a device to make it even more useful and smart!

Alexa is smart too, and if you forget what features are available on the Echo, you can simply ask Alexa what features are available and she will tell you in a very polite, lovely voice. Another feature Echo has is it integrates with a number  smart devices like lights, and thermostats, among other things,  so you can control your lights, the temperature of your home, and even turn on a  video recording setup with a simple command. This is an amazing service the Echo provides!

There is even an app store for Alexa that is growing quickly with over 25,000 goofy, useful, and intriguing skills that can be voice activated through the Amazon Echo. And for those people who create apps and want to keep up with the analytics of their apps so they can access self-service reporting, there is a company that can provide them incredibly useful ad hoc data reports. In fact, you can deliver ad hoc reporting to your end users right where they need it, inside the daily workflows of your application.

And if that wasn’t enough, your Amazon Echo and Alexa integrates with Audible.  If you have audiobooks from Audible, you can listen to them on the Echo with simple voice commands. You can even set up a sleep timer in case you fall asleep to a good audiobook.

Honestly I enjoyed the Amazon Echo so much I have bought a couple of them for the house. For Christmas presents. I will give them to my family, but of course the I get to enjoy them. (See how that works? Genius, huh?)

One will go upstairs and one will go downstairs, so no matter where I am in the house I will have a smart, fun, interesting device around that can help me with a myriad of things! Now I am even more excited for Christmas!