Coffee, Clutter and Chaos now has a Facebook page

I finally broke down and made a Facebook page for the blog.  I have even started tweeting again!

No, the world has not gone topsy turvy, I just had some extra energy.  after all, spring is here, and I am always energized at this time of year.  (Even though the weather is not cooperating with me)

So here is a link to my Facebook page.  I currently have 40 “likes”.  When I get to 50, those 50people will be entered into a giveaway contest.  What am I giving away you might ask?  Well, that is to be determined when I take my day trip to Massanutten next week.   It is exciting isn’t it?  Being entered into a contest where you don’t know the prize.

I can assure you it will something super fabulous.  I may even do another giveaway for the next 50 folks that like my page (from 50-100).

Check out my Facebook page here!


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