When You Google Your Business, What Do You See?

Before trusting a company, many consumers like to do their online research. This often involves searching the company on Google and seeing what results come up. For this reason, it can be important to Google yourself now and again – it could give you an idea of how people initially perceive your business. This could allow you to improve you online image and offer better first impressions to customers.

Below are just a few of the questions to ask yourself when analysing your Google results and what you can do to improve them.

Where do you rank?

When searching your company name, your company website should ideally rank at the top. This may not be the case if your company name is a popular or generic word, but if you’ve got a unique brand name it should ideally rank highly on the first page. High rankings will make your company look more important and reputable and will encourage more people to visit your website. You can improve your rankings via a strategy known as SEO – this involves using tactics such as incorporating keywords into your site, removing broken hyperlinks, encouraging inbound hyperlinks and improving the loading speed of your site. An SEO agency will have the resources and skills to help you with these tactics.  

Is your meta description engaging?

The meta description is the text found underneath your search listing. This can be just as important for generating clicks and for giving people a first impression of your company. The meta description is usually the first fragment of text found on your homepage, although you can change it without changing the text on your homepage by going into your site’s code and adding a meta tag. Ideally you want something descriptive and engaging that lures people in and builds trust in your company. This guide at Moz offers more information on adding meta tags. You can use the help of an SEO company if you don’t feel confident doing this yourself.

Are the listings all positive?

If you’re a fairly well-established company, there may be multiple results that come up related directly to your company. This could include social media pages, news articles that you’ve featured in and possibly blog posts that may mention your company. You should make sure that all these initial results are positive in tone. If a negative news story shows up, it could create a bad first impression.

With the help of a PR agency, you may be able to build up positive news coverage that may be enough to then outweigh any negative publicity. You’ll find PR companies catered to all niches such as this agency Elite Lawyer Management that caters to law firms. The right agency will have all the best media contacts and may be able to help secure coverage by finding the best angle.

Does your company have positive reviews?

The likes of Google now display reviews of companies. Listings for review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor and TrustPilot may also show up in your search listings when searching your company. These reviews could have a significant impact on the way you are perceived and your online reputation as a whole.  You can encourage positive online reviews by asking every happy customer you work with to leave a review. Many customers will be more than willing to leave positive feedback. Never write your own reviews – not only is this dishonest, but it could get you in trouble if you’re found out. Almost all businesses receive negative reviews and there’s little you can do to once these are published. Most review platforms allow companies to respond to reviews – by publicly apologising, you may be able to improve your reputation somewhat. The best option however is to simply drown out these reviews by encouraging more positive reviews.


Top Tips For Shopping Online

If you’re looking for tips and tricks when it comes to shopping online then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills when it comes to finding great deals or you’re looking to reduce the number of trips you take to the mall, online shopping is a great way to make purchasing both essential and non-essential items easier. Whilst it may be overwhelming at first, there are lots of great advice you can follow to ensure you’re getting the best products at the best prices. With that in mind, here are some top tips for shopping online: 

– Make Sure You’re Shopping Around 

One of the best things you can do when it comes to shopping online is to make sure you spend some time shopping around. Although it can take quite a while to find a variety of different stockists, you need to be sure you’re giving yourself plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a place with cheaper shipping or you want to buy from a small business, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for with a little bit of time and effort. For a guide to finding small businesses online, you can visit this site here. 


– Buy From Trusted Websites

Another great tip when it comes to buying online is to ensure you’re buying from a trusted website. Although these are often hard to spot at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it. For a list of red flags when it comes to shopping online, you can visit this site here. 


– Always Look At Reviews 

When it comes to spotting red flags, you may want to consider looking through the product reviews. Whether you’re shopping for shoes or looking for glasses online, you need to be sure you’re looking at real-life customer reviews. These will give you a good idea as to whether or not you want to purchase from the brand you’re looking at. 


– Wait For Deals And Offers 

If you’re looking to save money when it comes to shopping online, waiting for deals and offers to come up could be a great solution. From yearly sales to offers for signing up to a newsletter, there are lots of ways to save money online.  


– Consider Delivery Costs And Times

Finally, you need to think about delivery costs and times. Although most places will have a standard delivery, you will often find that if things are coming from another country, they take a little longer and cost a little more. If that’s the case, you might want to look somewhere else for an alternative. It may take a little longer but you’ll save yourself both time and money. 

Do you regularly shop online? What do you need to do to ensure you’re getting the best prices and to ensure you’re buying from reputable places? Did we miss anything? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.  


Educating Yourself Has Never Been Easier Than It Is Today

For the average person living in the ancient world, getting an education was a massive challenge. It wasn’t just a money issue. Most Romans and Greeks made a good living. It was more of a logistical problem. Going somewhere for education usually meant making a long and perilous voyage to centers of learning. 

What were your choices? The great library at Alexandria? The vaults in Rome? The lost scrolls in the temples of the ancient Greeks? It wasn’t really until the advent of the modern world that a decent education became accessible at all. But even a hundred years ago, most people were too poor to send their kids to school. The state had to provide it. 

Today, though, things have changed a lot. Education is being dematerialized to the point where it is virtually costless, especially when delivered on a mass scale. Think about how easy it is to find out about a topic that interests you. All you need to do is log onto a site like https://www.athomeprep.com, sign up for a course, and start learning. It’s no more complicated than watching a YouTube video or ordering something online. 

For women who run businesses, this development is a godsend. Being able to find things out and develop new skills is essential in the modern world. It is how we remain competitive as individuals. If we don’t continue our education, we languish, and keener minds take our place. 


It’s Not Just About Academic Knowledge

Going to college is part of the story of education, but it isn’t just about academic knowledge. In the business world, you need a whole range of skills that never come up at school or college. Take the ability to negotiate, for instance. Learning about something as basic as this usually has to wait until adult life. And by that point, it is often too late for it to become natural. Usually, you have to force it – if you can do it at all. Then there are just basic matters of business and accounting. Teachers seldom discuss either of them. Most of them have never been in the marketplace. 


Cultural Knowledge Is Important Too


Formal education is trying to get better at developing cultural knowledge, according to https://www.studyinternational.com/. The main thrust is to try to scrub any possible cultural illiteracy from the minds of students. But the focus is ideological, not business-based. Students, for instance, don’t focus on the types of marketing, business culture, or IP attitudes in a foreign country. Instead, they focus more on how not to offend. Expanding a company overseas, however, requires cultural education. If you don’t understand your target market, you’re stuck. 


The Digital Revolution Makes It All Possible

At root, the digital revolution is what is driving this change. To get a world-class education, you don’t even need to leave your house, let alone the country. It’s all right there at your fingertips. Computers, the cloud, and the internet have fundamentally changed the game.